Success Stories

How others have created an exciting new opportunity for themselves!

Will Lands His Dream Job

Weeks had passed and Will wasn’t feeling any closer to his goal of landing his dream job.

He’d been doing the work and he’d been sincere in his efforts.

Then he shared with me about a phone screen where the recruiter had picked up on his uncertainty about the role and the company.

That’s when I shared with him that the real secret to success is in learning to take charge and commit 100% to your chosen path.

I could tell the message had landed because by the end of the call I noticed that he had this look in his eyes.

That look told me that he was ready to hit his job search with the full force of his desire for a better life.

At that point he was off to the races.

Using the techniques I shared with him he quickly generated four referrals with top companies that had previously ignored his applications.

He was lights out in his interviews and all of a sudden found himself in a position where he had to weigh his options.

Now he’s a success story.

Not just because of the result of his job search but because of the man he became in the process.

If you’re feeling inspired by Will’s story and you’re ready to create your own success story then send me a message and I’ll share with you what it takes.

Peter Finds His Purpose

For Peter, finding fulfillment and purpose was something that just couldn’t wait.

Like so many people stuck in the wrong job he’d been struggling and it was taking its toll.

Over the course of our sessions it became clear that for Peter to be at his best he needs to know that his work involves helping those that need it.

At times the going got tough but he never wavered in his commitment.

Week after week his confidence grew until one day it happened.

He got the offer!

Watch this video to hear about how Peter landed his dream job in the middle of a global pandemic.

Eric Nails His Interview

Eric needed to make a move but he was finding himself getting frustrated in his job search.

He was going through the process with a high level of determination and effort and yet the offers just weren’t coming in.

He had the goods too.

He’d been a top performer at his company for the five years he’d worked there.

But here’s the thing.

Like so many people he’d never learned interviewing best practices and so he found himself making common mistakes like sharing too much information in his answers.

I shared my online job search course with him when we started working together and he immediately got to work on putting the job search principles in place.

Not only did he effectively generate great referrals from the networking strategy that is outlined but he also made major improvements in how he was delivering his interview answers.

As a result the next time went in to interview he felt more poised and confident than ever.

The competition didn’t stand a chance.

Now more than ever is the time to do everything you can to up your game amidst a challenging job market.

If you need help don’t hesitate to reach out.

Brian Has His Best Year

Brian just had one of the best years of his career.

And it almost never happened.

When we started working together a year ago he was interviewing for positions that would have been a step back for him.

He had spent the last year and a half traveling and recruiters weren’t giving him a shot at AE positions so he began applying for SDR roles.

As a result of our work together Brian landed his dream job as an AE for a startup that was aligned with his interests and talents.

A year later he is happy as a clam doing what he does best.

Watch this video to hear how he did it.