Meet the Coach

My mission is to help people activate the life force energy that will lead to a life of wealth and prosperity.

My Story

It didn’t matter how hard I worked or how dedicated I was. I could never break through that glass ceiling to my success and wellbeing. I would hustle and grind as hard as anyone and all it ever got me was burn out and a mediocre income. My financial abundance was fleeting and only lasted for short periods before it was back to feeling strapped. As a result my life was suffering. Waves of anxiety and depression would come and go as I managed them with the usual bad habits. In spite of having brushes with success I was far from living the life of my dreams.

My Transformation

Everything began to change when I made the decision to make some changes as I embraced a life that was in harmony with my personality, my desires, my talents, values and interests. It began with starting a business as career and life coach but it didn’t stop there. It also included surfing every morning, connecting with like-minded people, spending more time in nature, getting into music and songwriting, moving to Costa Rica and eating healthier. The result has been a life that is lived with a sense of passion and purpose. This was the secret to activating the life force energy that has propelled me to new heights of wealth and prosperity.

My Mission

It is my mission to help as many people as I can to discover a life of purpose. Passion and enthusiasm for life are the natural byproducts of a life that is lived with a sense of purpose. Everything changes once your life is given this added dimension of meaning that will activate your life force energy and fuel your abundance. 

What Others Say

"Deciding to invest in Adam’s coaching program may have been the best decision I could have made. It was a little scary at first not knowing what the results were going to be. You soon come to realize that you are in very capable hands."
- Peter Jensen

"Adam is nothing short of AMAZING! Not only did he break things down simply for me he helped me build my confidence. I can’t recommend him enough."
- Laura Swanson

"After working with Adam I can 100% say I am on track to a better career. His approach was compassionate, kind, and effective and resulted in feeling better about myself and what I am capable of and worth. I would highly recommend Adam to anyone who is feeling stuck."
- Tommy Wisdom