disaster-blessing-featured Inspiration

Disaster or Blessing in Disguise?

After a year of agony I can finally work a full day without any pain. It’s been about a year since I suffered a crippling …

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follow-bliss-featured Uncategorized

Follow the Money or Follow Your Bliss?

Do whatever it takes! Success at all costs! These are the mantras that I was either consciously or subconsciously thinking throughout my previous career in …

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get-career-back-on-track-featured Inspiration

How to Get Your Career Back on Track

A piece of fiction that teaches you how to realize your destiny. A few years ago I was at the airport in Costa Rica looking …

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job-satisfaction-featured The Process

The Nature of Job Satisfaction

It’s Not You, It’s Me What if you didn’t have to change jobs or careers in order to find happiness at work? I know what …

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unlocking-good-life-featured The Process

The Key to Unlocking the Good Life

The good life is available to us but only if we choose to create it. Isn’t it funny how we get these ideas about how …

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realize-potential-featured Inspiration

How to Realize Your Full Potential

Every day I speak with people who feel stuck in their careers and dissatisfied with their work life. They found something that’s been working for …

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